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Reanimator Ltd specializes in hardcore programming and maths.

This website contains articles and code related to these subjects. I hope you find the articles interesting, and maybe even useful!

Pixel-perfect Derivatives on GPU

Quick maths hack to get the correct per-pixel derivative of any value that is linear in worldspace.

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Hacking Timewarp to Fix Blurry Rotation in VR Games

Timewarp is almost designed to do this

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Adventures in Tangent Space

What is in a normal map anyway?

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Finding the Nth Root

This article describes how to quickly find the Nth root using basic arithmetic operations and floating-point bit-twiddling hacks.

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SVD in 2D

How to compute the SVD in 2D (includes code)

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Thoughts on Deep Neural Networks

These are some thoughts I had last night while staying up far too late thinking about this!

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NP vs co-NP

co-NP and NP morally use the same resources (including time) on non-deterministic Turing machines, but you need a metasystem to do it.

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Why are Scrolling Messages Always in Italics?

The characters on 5x7 LED displays look upright when stationary, but slanted (italic) when moving. Why is that?

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A Novel Raytracing Algorithm for GPU

I present a novel acceleration structure and raytracing algorithm which explicitly leverages the capabilities of the GPU and avoids the "up and down the tree" nature of kd-tree raytracers.

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Finding the Exact Pseudoinverse

You're going to use full-blown SVD just to get the pseudoinverse? Really?

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Matrix Decomposition for Dummies

How do all these matrix decompositions work, and how do you code them?

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The Derivative of a Procedure

Some pretty out-there stuff about procedures having derivatives ...

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When Is This Expression True?

When is this expression true for random variables A, B and C?

p(A|C) = p(A|B)p(B|C) + p(A|!B)p(!B|C)

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Monads in C++

Monads have a deep mystery surrounding them, but they're actually a very simple concept. There is nothing magic here - as a C++ programmer you've probably already done this yourself, or at least seen it done, but probably in a different context. Read more for my explanation of monads for C++ programmers.

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How to Isolate a Non-Deterministic Bug in Version Control

An Adventure in Bayesian Inference

This article explores the question of how best to isolate a bug in version control using binary chop, when the bug doesn't always manifest. I derive a probabilistic algorithm to solve this "Bayesian Binary Search" problem, from first principles.

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I Have a Dream

An imaginary sales pitch from Reanimator Ltd, circa 2015 ...

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The Myth of the "Unrealizable" Filter

DSP textbooks will tell you that a filter graph containing a delay-free loop is "unrealizable". I demonstrate that "unrealizable" doesn't mean you can't code it.

Update 7th Mar 2012: added a worked example.

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Operators as Matrices

Should programming languages allow "naked operators" as objects?

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Quaternion Cheatsheet

Quaternion formulae for everyday use.

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SIMD Optimization of IIR Filters

IIR filters seem impossible to convert to SIMD code, since they have a tight loop containing an immediate dependency. This article will show you that it's not impossible, given the right maths.

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